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Milagro Tequila

An award-winning tequila, bridging two worlds– the historic world of traditional tequila & the vibrant world of modern-day Mexico City. Enjoy Responsibly.

Company Overview

Milagro Tequila was founded by Danny Schneeweiss and Moy Guindi in 1997 and has quickly escalated into one of the world’s leading tequila brands. This award-winning tequila from William Grant & Sons was founded at a time when Mexico was evolving. Danny and Moy wanted to see tequila evolve with it and reflect what was happening in the country at that time – better design, better architecture, resulting in a better product. The first step was finding someone who could make their vision a reality – Pedro Juarez, the Master Distiller.

Pedro insisted on using only the remarkable Jalisco Highlands 100% estate-grown blue agave, which is sweet, fruity and aromatic. He slow-roasted the piñas, the core of agave plants, for 36 hours using traditional brick ovens – bringing out the natural freshness and flavors of the plant. Pedro created a new kind of distilling process in which two different skills are used: pot and column. The pot still holds onto all of the incredible nuances of agave flavor and the column still imparts the exquisite smoothness into every sip of Milagro.

The tequila’s name originated from the first moment Danny and Moy sipped the liquid; they were so excited by the realization of their vision for a smooth, agave-centric, elegant tequila that they exclaimed: “It’s a miracle” in Spanish and decided to name their tequila after this transformative moment. Milagro means miracle, and the tequila’s unique aesthetic is a true celebration of Mexico’s passion for art and design.

Illinois Times

Illinois Times

Founded in 1975, Illinois Times is the region’s voice for arts and culture and provides Springfield’s premier arts-and-entertainment section, including a comprehensive calendar of events, weekly film and music coverage, and regular lifestyle features, including popular local columns on food, cooking and gardening.

We also have a longstanding reputation for thoughtful news coverage and analysis. In recent years, we’ve won recognition for investigative journalism, garnering statewide and national awards for both journalism and advertising. We break local and statewide news, helping set the agenda for the capital city of  this major Midwestern state.

MJ Kellner Foodservice

MJ Kellner Foodservice

MJ Kellner Foodservice is the only remaining locally owned foodservice distributor in Springfield.  We have been operating in the area since 1920 and supply quality goods and service to a variety of establishments in a 100-mile radius.

Our sales staff comes from the foodservice community and brings with them a wealth of knowledge.  We use this knowledge to partner with our customers to make a difference in the business they nurture every day.


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Chick Fritz

Our Story: How Fritz Distributing Began

Robert “Chick” Fritz, the largest beer distributor in Southern Illinois, was founded on July 1, 1947, in Mascoutah, Illinois. Following the death of his employer Fred Schopp, young Chick Fritz purchased Schopp Distributing. The newly formed Robert “Chick” Fritz held distribution rights for Oltimer Beer and Stern Brau Beer, brewed locally at the Star Brewery in Belleville, Illinois.

Chick Fritz

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Miles Tshirt

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